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Tai Chi 4 Kidz (DVD) $24.95

Duration: 62 mins
A fun activity to develop children's concentration and coordination

'Tai chi is a way to exercise your limbs and make you concentrate on your work.'
Dan, age 10
'Tai Chi cleanses my body and helps me with my work.'
Katiana, age 9

The Creators

Dr Paul Lam, a family physician in Sydney, Australia, is a world leader in the field of Tai Chi for health improvement. Cheryl Lee Player, a dance and tai chi teacher, has enjoyed teaching children tai chi for many years. They have combined their experience and love for children to create this program to bring balance and harmony for children.


An introductory section for teachers and parents provides information on Tai Chi and how to teach the program. Starting with a fun gathering in the park, Dr Lam and Cheryl teach the program including warming up and cooling down exercises. To conclude, Dr Lam demonstrates the entire set from the front on and back on positions.

How to Use this DVD

We recommend that parents and teachers learn this program with the kids. Firstly, view the entire DVD to gain an overview and create a fun and active setting for teaching. Use the program as a way to share quality time with children that is healthy, relaxing and enjoyable. Utilize imagery and games to add appeal. Most importantly: frequently praise the kids; focus on the flow and principles of tai chi. Place less importance on the exactness.

Below are some methods you can apply:

  • Introduce the "salute", children love the ritual greeting. Begin and end each class with this greeting.
  • Smile and make it fun, children will reflect your attitude and sincerity.
  • Learn the essential principles of tai chi and express them through the movements; the kids will follow your lead.
  • Be flexible. When the children get restless, introduce a game, go for a group run or tell a story to keep their attention.


Neck - open door and looking at the sun
" Open door to the side
" Look straight to the sun and then down to see the pebbles

Shoulder - Invisible circles and gathering sun beams
" Hands on top of the shoulders and make circles
" Hands up and down, open to greet the sun

Spine - bear stretches and turning ball
" Stretch up to reach heaven and the other hand down to earth
" Take the ball to the left and to the right with knees bent.

Hips - feel the pebbles and side kick
" Bring foot to the front to feel the water and then to the back to feel for the towel.
" Knees slightly bent kick to the side like a bear kicking the beehive.

Knees -Kicks and punches
" Stretch and punch forward.
" Step forward to punch.

Form 1 - Commencing
Form 2 - Open and Close
Form 3 - Brush Knee x 3
Form 4 - The Kick
Form 5 - Wave Hands
Form 6 - Stroking Bird's Tail
Form 7 - the Closing

The set is made up of several small building blocks to capture children's attention; each block is like a small tai chi set itself. You can teach each block independently and join any two or more blocks together. Putting any one Form inside Forms 1,2 and 7 will make a block.

When you reach the end of the recording, you can practice with Dr Lam by following him as he demonstrates the entire set with his back to you.
If you wish to learn more from Dr Lam's instructional DVD/videos, Tai Chi for Young People is the next step, followed by the Combined 42 Forms.

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