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Dr Lam Talks You Through Tai Chi for Arthritis - CD (CD) $9.95

Includes the complete program, Part I & II.
Duration: 50 mins (10 tracks)

Let Dr Lam talk you through the "learning" tracks in a slower-than-normal practice speed. When you're familiar with the movements, use the "practice" tracks to practice. His gentle voice will guide you through any part of the program so that you can practice without having to memorised the movements.

If you are an instructor of this program, you can put the CD on, while Dr Lam's voice take your students through the movements, you can demonstrate in front of, or observe and correct your students.

This CD is most effective to be used in conjunction with class, book, instructional video or DVD of this program.


  • Track 1 Warm-up exercises.................12:02
  • Track 2 Cool-down exercises................2:37
  • Track 3 Learning Basic 6......................3:47
  • Track 4 Practice Basic 6......................1:47
  • Track 5 Learning Advanced 6................ 3:51
  • Track 6 Practice 12-movement...............2:35
  • Track 7 Learning the reverse 12-movement...5:48
  • Track 8 Practice 21-movement...............4:24
  • Track 9 Learning Part 2..........................6:24
  • Track 10 Practice 31-movement..............6:32

Total duration approx 50 minutes


At the inside of the fold of the front cover:

Essential Practising Principles for Beginners

These simple, easy to understand principles will assist you to improve your Tai Chi and explore the deeper meaning of the art.

  1. Good control of movements. Make your movements slow, continuous, and even (not jerky and keep the same speed throughout).
  2. Cultivate your inner force (Qi) by imagining that the air around you is dense, and you have to move against a gentle resistance.
  3. Be aware of your weight transference.
  4. Maintain an upright posture without tension for proper body alignment,
  5. Loosen the joints. Gently stretch all your joints from within.
  6. Focus on your movement.

Name of the Movements

Movement 1 - Commencement Form
Movement 2 - Opening and Closing Hands
Movement 3 - Single Whip
Movement 4 - Waving Hands in the Cloud
Movement 5 - Opening and Closing Hands
Movement 6 - Brush Knee and Twist Step
Movement 7 - Playing the Lute
Movement 8 - Step Forward To Deflect Downwards, Parry and Punch
Movement 9 - Apparent Closing Up
Movement 10 - Embracing the Tiger and Pushing the Mountain
Movement 11 - Opening and Closing Hands
(Movement 12 - Closing movement)

Movement 12 - Single Whip
Movement 13- Waving Hands in the Cloud
Movement 14- Opening and Closing Hands
Movement 15 - Brush Knee and Twist Step
Movement 16 - Playing the Lute
Movement 17 - Step Forward To Deflect Downwards, Parry and Punch
Movement 18 - Apparent Closing Up
Movement 19 - Embracing the Tiger and Pushing the Mountain
Movement 20 - Opening and Closing Hands
(Movement 21 - Closing movement)

Movement 21 - Brush Knee and Twist Step
Movement 22 - Leisurely Tying Coat right side
Movement 23 - Opening and Closing Hands
Movement 24 - Single Whip
Movement 25 - Punch Underneath Elbow
Movement 26 - Repulse Monkey Left
Movement 27 - Repulse Monkey Right
Movement 28 - Brush Knee and Twist Step
Movement 29 - Leisurely Tying Coat Left side
Movement 30 - Opening and Closing
Movement 31 - Closing movement

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